Friday, September 12, 2014

The Next Five Years

(Part of @teachthought 30-day Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge) more info here.

Day 12 ~ "How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?"

Five years is quite a long time. Five years ago, I didn't have my Master's Degree and didn't have any technology in my room except for my large desktop computer and a projector. To look five years into the future is somewhat like gazing into a crystal ball.

As I think about how my teaching may change over the next five years, I believe these may be true:

*Using technology in new ways, not to just replace traditional paper/pencil activities.

*More collaboration and team-teaching among classroom teachers, coaches, and specialists.

*A larger focus on personalization of learning to meet student needs.

*A shift from using traditional grades & percentages to standard-based grading.

Change is inevitable and is also sometimes unexpected. But change leads to greater ideas that can strengthen education and lead to personal growth. I hope to be not just in the middle of it, but leading the way.

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