Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bringing My Hobbies & Interests to the Classroom

(Part of @teachthought 30-day Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge) more info here.

Day 21 - "Do you have other hobbies/interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain."

As a teacher, I spend many hours at school and feel as if it is my "second" home. I believe a few students over the years have even thought I lived there. Since I do spend much of my daytime hours at school, it is a place I enjoy bringing my interests into action.

Music ~ I enjoy listening to music, as well as singing. I've been involved with singing groups both in school and in church growing up. I enjoy integrating music whenever possible, or just listening to it for relaxation.

Photography ~ Pictures can help tell a story, and are a great way to capture learning. I enjoy taking pictures both as a mother and a teacher. I have created scrapbooks of pictures of my family and friends. In school, pictures help me celebrate the great learning activities that we do and are a perfect way to share with parents the things we are doing in the classroom.

As I reflect on my own hobbies and interests that I bring into the classroom, it is a great reminder that students, too, need to have their interests and passions identified and reflected in the classroom as well. When students feel like their personality and passions are acknowledged and celebrated, their place in the classroom is confirmed.

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