Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Technology - Google Hangout

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Seeing is believing when it comes to technology, and making learning literally come "ALIVE" is something that I truly look forward to this year.

One of these technology ideas is to use Google Hangouts to allow my class to connect with others.

Google Hangouts are similar to Skype, and are easily set up through our school's Google accounts.

I've participated in a few Google Hangouts (GHO) this summer:
     *A discussion chat with two other educators about a book we were reading.
     *A planning session with an author and a co-creator of a book series.
     *A short 5 minute intro of GHOs with a group of grade 1-3 teachers in Illinois.
I've also watched numerous live as well as archived GHOs of various Twitter friends this summer.

Explaining my plans for using Google Hangouts during a chat
with teachers in Illinois during an inservice.

So now it's time to try it out with my students ~

*We're going to have our very first GHO - tomorrow - on September 3 with an author. The students are very excited to have an author "come to our classroom" and lead us in a lesson through the screen of our computer. (Hope to update this post after the event).

     Update: some pictures from our September 3 event!

*I'm also planning to have my class participate in Google Hangouts (or Skype, whichever the teachers involved prefer) in connection with International Dot Day, Global Read Aloud, Mystery Skype projects, OREO project, and more.

I hope my students will learn that connecting with others through Google Hangouts is a great way to share our learning with others as well as learn new things from them. Whether it's with authors, experts, or just other kids like us, my class is sure to experience something that they haven't ever done before. I hope it inspires them to brainstorm new ways we can become global learners and contributors.

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  1. Thank you for connect your students (and others) to powerful tools that make a difference.