Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Keys are unique and have different purposes.

Some are used daily to protect, to ignite, and to unlock.

Others are not as important until they are needed urgently and (ironically) cannot be found.

And a few are probably long forgotten, taking up space in the junk drawer.

One thing all keys have in common though -- they are a specific tool for a specific purpose. Unique and specifically fashioned for a task.

As educators, we're constantly searching for the perfect key to learning.

A tool to unlock our students' imagination, creativity, and engagement.

And just like there are many tools in a typical toolbox, there are many right answers to the question: "What is the best tool for _________?"

Teachers need to have many tools in their toolbox, because there isn't just one key to igniting learning. 

No one tool that works for everyone. 

No one right way to do things.

And that's a good thing! Our students are unique, with different preferences, learning styles, and abilities. Having a lot of tools in our toolbox is the KEY! Sometimes you'll have that key right there in your pocket, and other times you might have to search a bit for it.

But when you do find the right key for the right student, it can unlock new possibilities!