Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Summer "Vacation"

“Unless you do something beyond what you've already mastered, you will never grow.”
– Ronald E. Osborne
Summer Flowers
Summer can be a time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and time to learn new things. The summer breeze will blow, and just as quickly it will be over.

In the meantime, my calendar is filling up with various activities to keep me going! Here are the ones I've penciled in so far.....

*Participating in Technology and English-Language Arts Curriculum work
        It's always interesting and exciting to be a part of the team that looks at our curriculum more closely and makes adjustments to our plan, assessments, and activities. I helped with the math curriculum last summer, so I'm eager to participate in shaping the vision for tech and ELA this summer.

*Two days of planning with Building Leadership Team for next fall
       Our building's leadership team will be looking at how we can make an even bigger impact on student-parent-teacher relationships & communication as well as instructional practices during the upcoming school year. We will be meeting two days to put some plans in place for when we return to school in late August.

*Model Teacher meeting
        A training day will be held this summer for the current model teachers across the district. We will learn more about our role and how our work contributes to successful student learning as well as our collaborative role with other teachers and student teachers.

*Reading Class
       To continue my own education as well as impact the future generation of readers, I'm planning on taking a 2-day class about reading. I've already read 3 out of the 5 books that will be discussed in the class and look forward to the conversations and new insights I will gain during that time.
*International Literacy Association (ILA) Conference 
       I'll be attending the national conference of ILA in St. Louis, Missouri along with other educators from my building and district this summer. I'm looking forward to this great opportunity to learn from many experts!

On the personal side.......
*Cheering on my daughters at their swim meets this summer and keeping track of their schedules (swim, work, camp, ACT, and more!).
*Hoping to take a vacation (or two) sometime, somewhere...
*Working on two scrapbooks for my daughters

Personally, I have a big year ahead with my oldest daughter being a senior this fall so it's definitely time to get the to-do list created and some things lined up ahead of time. It will be a summer and year to remember.

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  1. Like you, we have busy summers ahead. I appreciate all that you will be doing to keep yourself engaged in the learning. Have a blast and keep writing! Also, good luck with finding a vacation spot (or two). We pay the bills and go away for three weeks, anywhere. Talk about an adventure!
    Thanks again for sharing!