Thursday, March 5, 2015

No More Turtle Technology

When I was in upper elementary school, digital learning meant time using the Apple IIe computers. This was the highlight of my 5th grade computer class..............Turtle.

At the time I was so impressed with my work, and that is the reason these pieces still exist in my childhood scrapbook.

Can you believe I kept these from 1984?

These days, the 9-10 year olds in my class would probably think "turtle" was a big laugh. (On the other hand, creating things on Google Drawing IS fun).

This year, my school is fortunate enough to have 1:1 Chromebooks for 3-5th graders. My fourth grade class has instant access to technology tools that can help them learn as well as allow them to create and share their learning.

One of our most-used tools this year has been KidBlog. From the beginning of the year, the students were excited to create their own blog page and use it to share their thoughts, their learning, and most importantly.....their voice.

Just as this blog allows me to share my voice as a teacher, KidBlog has allowed my students to have a platform to share their voice. They have shared their own creations as well as given each other feedback. In addition, making connections with other classes has allowed my students to gain new ideas and practice digital citizenship when leaving comments for others. KidBlog has proved to be a motivating way for my students to practice both writing and reading in an authentic way.

Although my students will be on Spring Break for the official "Digital Learning Day" on March 13, 2015, we plan to work on our Kid Blog and Voice Thread projects highlighting the learning we did on our #TLAP Day this week (Teach Like a Pirate). Following Spring Break, we plan to join forces with a kindergarten class to work on and share our digital projects.

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  1. Kudos to you for giving your students an authentic audience! With your leadership, they are building foundations of digital learning and citizenship that will help them every step forward.

  2. I remember the days of the old Apple computers as well. I always enjoy your voice and look forward to hearing your students' as well. I love the way you are empowering your students and giving them a voice.

  3. Laughing -- no computers in my elementary school . . . I'm old. :) Though I do love KidBlog as well. We have used it for several years. This year we've spent a lot of time in Google Classroom getting kids used to Google docs, sharing, working on projects, etc. I love that you are doing this with your students. It's important that they have a solid foundation moving forward.