Sunday, March 29, 2015

Connecting the Dots

A * B * C    or    1 * 2 * 3

Connecting the dots used to be one of my favorite preschool workbook activities.
I was a pro - and it was so fun to see the bigger picture when the end dot met back at the beginning.

As I get ready for a month of conferences, I look forward not only to the new learning and ideas that will be gained, but also to the connecting that I will do with some great educators.

It's all about connecting the dots.

From learning - to leaders - to ideas - to new insights - and back to your classroom again.

These are the conferences I'm excited to attend in the next 4 weeks ~

Standards-Based Grading Conference at Grand Wood AEA - March 30th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
As my district starts to enter the world of standards-based grading, I'm excited to learn about the how's and why's of where to start.

Iowa 1:1 Institute at at Iowa Events Center - April 8th in Des Moines, Iowa
My school has 1:1 Chromebooks for 3-5th graders. I was SO excited to win a free trip to this conference from an EdCamp I attended last fall. I look forward to the great array of topics and speakers that will be available.

Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy "Assessing the Core: Grading for Learning" - April 23-24 in Johnston, Iowa
This will be a great follow-up conference to the standards-based conference from March 30th. I'm looking forward to two great days of learning from national and local speakers about the process of implementing standards-based grading. In addition, I'm thrilled to spend the two days with one of my awesome 4th grade teammates as well. :)

More importantly than learning and enjoying the few days of conferences that I have coming up, I hope to take my learning to the next step -- action.

Because connecting the dots is not's seeing the big picture that the dots merely outline. It's taking steps to implement the learning and improve my practice in light of it. :)

It all starts tomorrow..........

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  1. I look forward to learning from your learning, as you share the dots and connections with us. Great post!