Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Beginnings

Each school year is an opportunity for a new beginning.

A chance to meet new students.

A chance to try new ideas.

A chance to inspire the next generation.

I've had many "first days of school" and this one was super! Super students, super fun ideas, and a staff of superhero teachers that are all committed to providing a chance for students to learn and discover their "superpowers."

Staff T-shirts ~ The "D" is for the name of our school
A new beginning creates feelings of excitement. My students were really excited to get a baggie of play dough and form it into a symbol of something to represent themselves or their interests. It was a great way to start off the year with a fun, hands-on activity that allowed us to learn about each other.

Homemade play dough creations
This school year brings a new beginning in terms of technology. Our 4th grade classes are 1:1 with Chromebooks this year. We are excited about the different ways we can use these devices to show our learning, tell our stories, and connect with other students beyond our classroom walls.

Students learned about a hero and entered their responses on Socrative.

We finished our week of new beginnings by celebrating the arrival of a brand-new box of books. I've told my students a little bit about the project we're going to be starting soon, and they were happy to help me open up the box and preview the books! The books are for a Kindness project we'll be doing with the story, "Lead with your Heart" and its author, Jena Ball. The set of books were a part of a Donors Choose project and were generously paid for by two donors: a former 4th grade student's parent, and a current colleague's relative. We're so excited to read this year and participate in some difference-making projects.

My students opened the box of "Lead with your Heart" books
 that arrived on Friday from Donors Choose.
I hope this year will be full of new beginnings, new ideas, and new inspirational ways to meet student needs. Not just on the first day and first week, but throughout the year.

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