Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivational Monday - IGNITE

What does it take to IGNITE the motivation within?

Sometimes just a little *SPARK*

A song on the radio that touches your heart.

A picture you find that reminds you of a happy memory.

An idea that pops into your head in the middle of the night. 

An note, text, or call from a friend.

If you have ever attended a candlelight service you have experienced the way that one spark of a flame, passed from person to person, can light an entire room. The power of the light it isn't necessarily held only by the person who lights the match, but by every individual in the path of the flame.

Where are you at along the path?

1) Lighting the match:
     ~ Do you have creative ideas that are just starting to spark? Do you trust yourself to pass it on?

2) Passing it on down the row:
     ~ Do you pass on the knowledge that you receive to others, or do you stand in the light by yourself?

3) Extinguishing the light:
     ~ Do you turn your back on the ideas others try to give you? Do you turn off the light from others?

LIGHT is knowledge. LIGHT is truth. LIGHT is creativity, passion, and motivation.

The fire within is what causes us to take action - to do something with the idea that made a spark in our heart. 

Take an idea, pass it on, and encourage others to do the same. A room full of lights is more motivating than a single lit candle with time running out. If you're holding the candle and it suddenly goes out, seek out the light that others are holding - and thank them for passing it on.

I'm participating in a Motivational Monday "linky party" hosted by Jennifer Hogan at "The Compelled Educator" blog. Click on the link below to read other motivating blogs today ~


  1. I like your question asking about turning off the lights of the ideas of others! Makes me stop and think about how I respond to students when they have ideas and comments. Merci!!

  2. Jen, your example of the light is so powerful. We all are part of the chain in passing on the light and we need to do our part. I am sure you see yourself in each of those positions depending on the situation. Thanks for sharing your light of encouragement and passion with the world.

  3. This is such an inspiring post, Jen! I love the analogy, and it makes us realize that we don't have to be "over the top," we just need to be the spark to get others going. When my husband and I were getting married, our preacher told us that church is like the fire, and we are the coal. If we get far away from the fire, our light goes out. So while we can be the spark for others, we also need to stay close to the fire!
    Thanks for sharing and joining the linky party!

  4. Give the people life and they will find their way! Great job!