Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plugged In, or Disconnected?

Low Battery. 20% of battery remaining.     (dismiss)

Low Battery. 10% of battery remaining.     (I get it - I know)

Power Plug by ppdigital On DeviantArt CC by 3.0 US

Do you ever get warnings or notices like these?

What happens when your device is low on battery?

What do you do? Just ignore it and allow it to drain into a state of uselessness?

Or do you search near and far for your charger or batteries?

Most of us would probably plug in our devices and recharge them as soon as possible. I think this is a good lesson for us as educators.

Getting plugged in to both local and online communities is one way to recharge your "batteries" and breathe new life into your teaching and learning.

So my question to you is, are you plugged in, or disconnected?

Are you connected to those around you? Are you listening to their needs?
*Our students, teammates, and other staff members need and want their voice to be heard, their choices to be considered, and their needs to be known. Give them a chance to talk. Listen. Repeat.

Are you connected to those in the community or nearby communities?
*Do you know others you can go to in order to ask questions about educational issues, perspectives, and experiences that might be unique to your local communities? Do you have people who you've connected with online as well as face-to-face at EdCamps, conferences, or other meetings? Putting a face with a name helps grow your PLN (professional/personal learning network).

Are you connected to those around your state (and beyond) that are leaders, thinkers, and innovators?
*Learning from others in different positions or situations can put a new light on your own learning and path of growth. A great way to connect with others is through Twitter chats, Voxer groups, and blogs. They might just inspire you to try something new, rethink your perspective, or challenge yourself to take a risk.

Are you willing to get connected so you don't become disconnected with the ever-changing world of education? Get plugged in!

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