Sunday, January 25, 2015

She's moving away.

You're moving?


Not after all the time, effort, and attention that I have spent.

Trying to help you break out of your shell.

Trying to help you fit in.

Trying to help you read.

Trying to help you succeed.

Now what?

Where will you go? Will they care? Will they know how I we all tried to help you?

A seed has been planted, but now the winds blow and take you away with them.

On your next journey may you go........

What happens when it seems all of your effort, time, and attention to a student's needs seems to disappear as quickly as a puddle of water on a hot day?

This is how I felt when "Susie" moved away. All year I had tried to help her, emotionally and academically. All year many of us had tried to help her fit in and come out of the shy shell she was in with hopes of helping her gain confidence, strengthen friendships, and smile more. I had even chosen her as my student to work with on an intensive basis during my Master's Degree work which meant we spent even more time together talking, reading, and working on the skills I thought would help her become a better reader and more confident student. All of the relationships, extra work, interventions, and plans for the next year were suddenly put to a halt.

She was moving away.

Far, far away.

And it made me sad.

Was I sad for her, or for me? Probably both. Even after years have passed, I still wonder about "Susie" and what she is doing now.  Has she grown? Does she love her new school? Have her teachers taken her under her wing -- helped her, hugged her, and allowed her to find herself? Does she remember me? Does she remember any of us that took the time to care so much?

Even if I had known earlier that "Susie's" move at the end of the year would leave me feeling that all of the time, effort, and attention was disappearing along with her, I would have still tried.

Because I care.

And I believe that you have to.....

......and know that what you do matters.

You never know what the next day may bring.


  1. Another great post Jen. Your passion for your profession and the students who walk through your doors is evident.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. Who knows, maybe she was put in my classroom just to teach me the lesson that you have to do what you can while you can. I don't think I will soon forget her.

  2. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post as so many of us can relate. I have no doubt that your student still heard your voice and instruction long after she left your room.

    1. Thanks for reading, Erin. I hope so - I guess whether good or bad, sometimes we will never know the impact we've had on our former students.

  3. My husband ( a teacher too) and I were just talking about the students we wonder about. We never know what kind of an impact we make, but know that it will be either "good" or "bad, so we always strive it make sure it is "good"!

    1. There are definitely many that I wonder about. Some students are able to come back to their elementary schools as high school seniors for "Senior Breakfast" which is great. The ones that move out of the district, or state in this case, are often the ones I remember and can see -- their 9 year old faces -- forever as a child. :)

  4. Amazing post . . . and so true to the heart. I miss my students at the end of the year -- I still worry about them, wonder about them, want to share things with them. I'm blessed when they visit. I know you blessed Susie, like you do every single child in your classroom. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It's easy to lose track of time - these kids grow up so fast. It is great to see them move on to bigger and better things, but I always wonder if there was more I could have done.

  5. A heartfelt post that reminds us why we teach and why we do as we do. Our students become so important to us and each has their own story. Good for you for taking the time to get to know them as deeply as you do.
    Thanks for sharing...